Graphitint Sketches

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Color mixes from the 12 colors of the paint set. I don’t understand the first column. It’s almost as though I didn’t add the other colors, but I’m positive I did. The grazing sketch is done on paper, and the portrait is done on mineral paper, two very different effects.

I’m dedicating one of my Fabriano watercolor sketchbooks to Graphitint. Honestly? I like the look of Graphitint a little more on a smooth surface like mineral paper, but a nice, hardcover sketchbook is a pleasure to work with no matter the paper.

On the left is mineral paper, on the right Fabriano watercolor paper. The colors are stronger on the smooth surface, but the overall effect is softer on paper.

Having a dedicated sketchbook is always fun and educational. There’s nothing like completing numerous sketches to really understand a medium. I’ll never understand reviewers on YouTube who confidently praise or dismiss a medium after using it for ten minutes.

A few fast sketches.

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I went all out and splurged on the 24 set of Derwent Graphitint pencils and the painting set of 12. I love the moody colors. I watched a Mind of Watercolor video and agree with Steve that the painting set mislabeled Russet—it’s actually Sage. More splurging: a three-pack of Molotov water brushes, a Croquis sketch pad, and three Fabriano watercolor sketchbooks.