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Ice Pony

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India ink on Ampersand Claybord, 8”x6”

Still enjoying markers, again on a Claybord, mixing ink and scratchboard techniques.

Wool on linen using only the fly stitch, 5”x5”

And to continue the chilly theme, here’s an exercise I completed for my embroidery class. This lesson was on value.

Linen, Embroidery Stand, and Birds

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I’ve discovered that stitching with a stand is a very nice thing.

Here’s my K’s Creation embroidery stand. I added the clip-on light. My back and eyes thank me every day.

I’ve discovered stitching with linen thread gets my creativity going.

Linen has its own thing going, creating sharp shadows and glowing highlights with no help from me.

And I’ve discovered that embroidery may be the most forgiving art.

I didn’t care for how this was going, far too overworked. So, out comes the seam ripper, and I’m ready to start over. It’s better than an eraser.