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A Good Photo Day

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We spent a few hours taking photos today, and I was so pleased with results. It seemed everywhere I turned was another picture-perfect scene.

From a sparrow and swallow, to a gorgeous heron and a beautiful fawn, this was one perfect day for wildlife photography.

Normally, my reference photos aren’t my end result—I take them to use to create a sketch or painting—but after taking 175 photos, I found a few to post.

My camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ80. It’s a point-and-shoot with a 60x zoom.

When I started drawing and painting critters, I decided I wanted to take my own reference photos instead of relying on other photographers.

I love this camera, because I can quickly snap a dozen photos and have multiple angles and poses to work with. It’s easy to use and a smaller-sized camera so I carry it around on weekends.

The fawn was a total surprise. It came out of the woods, waded into the creek, and spent about twenty minutes exploring. What a beauty!

Interactive Color Wheel

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This color wheel is awesome. Just choose a color on the wheel itself by dragging around the little circle, and then you can find the colors that are complementary, split complementary, etc. You can even go lighter (tints) and darker (shades) or type in a hex code. It’s fun for designing, planning, or just playing.

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A Clever Loom

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I spotted this video while looking at Saori weaving videos earlier. It's an infomercial for a rigid heddle-type of loom made by the Clover (Hana-Ami) Company from Japan. I've seen similar rigid heddle looms where the heddle rotates or rocks and looks like a block of wood. What strikes me the most is the efficiency in warping. The loom has a built-in warping board that keeps the warp in place and under tension. It's simply rolled onto the warp bar after the ends are snipped. I wonder if this type of thing could be adapted to other rigid heddle looms. The board/pegs would need to fit in the frame of the loom and also have enough pegs for a decent length of warp. It makes me think!