Weave-It IPod Pouch

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What a cool present! My husband bought me an IPod Touch–just because–and I’ve been playing on it non-stop for the past three days. Once you get one of these little devices, however, you realize pretty quickly they need to be covered, so I brought out my box of finished Weave-It squares and stitched four together to create this little pouch. It’s not waterproof, but hopefully it will keep it safe while in my purse.

I hand-stitched two squares together on three sides, and then added another square directly on top of those two to create two openings: one for the IPod, one for headphones. A fourth square was stitched on the top edge to fold over and become the cover.

Because the screen gets smeared all the time, I tacked a screen cloth into the back for easy access. If I keep the IPod facing the screen cleaner, it actually keeps it pretty smudge-free.

I’m not happy with the button but it works for now. I love this little ITouch. And yes, I’m posting from it. (And if you’re curious, my husband took the photo from his and emailed it me.)

Weave-It IPod Pouch

Weave-It IPod Pouch

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