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Spending time in the archives of the handweaving world is an awful lot of fun if you're a bookish person like me or even if you realize you don't always have to remake the wheel. Here's the proof:

  • My favorite find of the week: Weaving Four-Harness Patterns on a Two-Harness Loom, by Agnes K. Nielsen. Take a look at the "Four O'Clock" pattern on page 13 and be stunned. Woven with two harnesses!
  • Something Different In Two Harness Weaving, by Emmy Sommer, offers a challenge with joining in new colors, but the results look worth all the trouble.
  • The Rigid Heddle newsletter always has some great ideas, but the Leno Lace examples with the plain weave borders are really neat. I truly love the Mexican Lace variation, however. I haven't seen it before.
  • And here's a modern article from WeaveZine, Honeycomb Spot Bronson on Two Shafts by Sigrid Piroch, meant to be used to create Bronson Lace with two shafts and an additional warp thread, but I imagine this would be a way to do other types of patterns, too, such as a "Jeans Twill." Scroll down to the bottom to see how the sheds open. I'm still wrapping my brain around this one.

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