Two Harness Patterns


Last week, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I'd get bored with a two-harness loom. I mean, using a rigid heddle + another heddle makes a three or four harness loom, which means patterns like twill are possible.

But with the Kessenich two-harness table loom, I'm kinda stuck with two harness. I had thought that meant plain weave, aka tabby.

So, I challenged myself to find some patterns and so I wandered over to, clicked on the Draft Archives, clicked on search, and then asked for all the drafts with a minimum of two harnesses and a maximum of two harnesses. Guess how many results I had? 772.

Even if many of these are simply repeats of log cabin or stripes, I bet you anything I can find enough to keep myself busy with only two harnesses!

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  1. Happy to have stumbled upon your informative blog, and wow what you can do with a 2 harness loom! love your stuff. I’m back to weaving after about a 15 year hiatus and eager to get started. I have a four and a 2 harness table top loom and your site led me to the Handwoven site and their fabulous collection! I’m having a hard time though just narrowing it down to the 2 harness. The search feature doesn’t seem to work for me. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Barbara, Select the entire range of books, otherwise you’re stuck on the first one which is for 16 shaft patterns. Then, change the min and max shafts to “2.” That should give you a ton of results. Hope this helps!

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