The Rising Cost of Emilia


As the value of a dollar rises and falls due to economic stress and inflation, so does the price of an imported loom. I enjoy my Glimakra Emilia, but I had to weigh the cost of the loom less than a year ago when I purchsed it. It wasn't the most expensive, it wasn't the least expensive. It was somewhere safely in the middle of similiarly-equipped rigid heddle looms. I spent $189 (USD) on the 19" loom, from a site that had it priced a bit lower than the typical $209. Today, however, I'm surprised to see the cost of it has risen $100.  It now sells at about $289.

I understand importing an item means prices will fluxuate, but I was a little sticker-shocked yesterday to note the change.

I'm very pleased with my loom, especially the construction and quality. But $100… in less than a year?

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  1. I only discovered your blog yesterday. I recently purchased the Emilia and I will have to check to see what I paid. However, I can tell you that the reason for the huge price increase is because of the shipping. The cost has risen due to the “terrorists”. Sending a book to England (cost about $15 last year) was going to cost at least $40 this year. Unbelievable! Anyway, your weaving is terrific and has filled me with inspiration. Thanks for a terrific blog.

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