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Sometimes, deep in the winter, when it snows and it freezes and it snows a little more, I grow a little weary of staring at snow. A few winters ago, we started making terrariums. It's instant summer, only in miniature.

This year, it's aquariums. We're on our third, a three gallon Eclipse, which I plunked down in my little office. So far, it's home to a piece of Mopani wood and a variety of low-light plants. Because of its small size, I won't put a fish in it, but maybe I'll look for a few shrimp. Even though there are no critters, it's nice to watch the plants grow in a constant 78 degree temperature.

My current project: Spa Wash Cloths from Weavezine. I'm using Hempathy as the warp, and 100% hemp yarn as the weft.

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2 Replies to “Something to Look at While I Weave”

  1. I have enjoyed looking through all your post today and want to thank you for helping me make my decision as to which Rigid Heddle Loom I will purchase. I was debating between the Glimakra and the Schacht. Not because of the foldability, but for stability, available supplies (Heddles etc) and reviews. There were only a few Glimakra reviews to be found, but I was drawn to this loom. And the metal gears seemed like a sound choice. BUT seeing all the wonderful projects you’ve weaved on your Emilia just convinced me, this is the one! I sold my Schacht floor loom years ago and have been wanting to come back to weaving with something a little smaller, and the Rigid Heddle Loom seems like a perfect little loom to get me going!

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I do love this loom, but I know many others who would say the same about their favorites đŸ˜‰ . I know you’ll enjoy weaving on it. There’s a group on Ravelry just for Glimakra looms, if you’re interested. Thanks so much for your kind words. It means a lot!

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