Finished: Gray Triloom Shawl

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I never did post the final picture of this 7' triloom shawl I finished back in November, so here it is now. It was woven using the continuous bias method, which creates a soft looking, pretty weave. The yarn was Manos Maxima, and I over-purchased the amount because I couldn't do the math right on the spot while standing in the store. That's why I had enough for the simple gray scarf I just finished, and another skein for a future project. So let that be a lesson to you: if you make a mistake with your weaving calculations, try to over do it, especially if the yarn is Manos Maxima. 😉

I had some trouble finishing the shawl. The yarn was so soft and light that it didn't felt evenly, and I had to try twice–the first time hand washing with warm water and the second with hot–before I was content with the look and feel. 

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