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I'm not yet certain what this will be once it's off the loom. The easiest decision is a shawl. Knot those fringes and viola! It would be more difficult to turn it into a poncho or ruana, but that's what I've been wanting to try. The warp was 19" x 100", and it's shrinking down to 18" on the loom. We'll see how the length ends up, and that may decide it right there. I'm using the 8 dent heddle and some inexpensive yarn I had lying around (Caron Simply Soft in Heather Gray). I added some visual interest with the two stripes of maroon wool, and then decided to do a pickup stick pattern throughout. So far, I think it's pretty, and even the gray is turning out to be a nice choice.

For some reason, my husband and I have decided to celebrate Christmas early. (Could all the Christmas decorations going up in stores in October be having an effect??!! Heavens!) His present was purchased a few weeks back, and then it was my turn, but it took awhile to figure out what I wanted, which is strange, because normally I know exactly what I want, loom-wise.

I ended up purchasing an adorable mini inkle loom. It's so cute you'll probably not be able to stand it. Really! I also decided to outfit my beloved Emilia loom with some much-needed upgrades. I figured why should I daydream about a floor loom or a tabletop loom, when I spend nearly every free moment with Emilia? So, this week, I'll be getting a loom stand, a second heddle kit, an a second 10 dent heddle. I'll be ready for fancy patterns and gauzy fabrics, with the stand being an extra bonus. Look for pictures and details later this week.

Do you know what I should have added to that order? Pickup sticks! Take a look at what I'm using in that picture above… two paint stirrer thingies scotch-taped together. Well, it works, but really!

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