Little Green Scarf

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I used a variety of yarns and colors with a goal of creating a warp-faced scarf this time around. I used the 10 dent heddle on my Glimakra Emilia, warped about 5" wide with Paton's Country (green, red), Blue Heron Rayon (mossy), and a home-dyed, homespun wool (maroon) from a local shop. The weft was Sinofina mercerized cotton (olive).

I used the heddle to lift and lower the threads, but then used the inkle belt shuttle to do the beating. The scarf drew in over an inch. Off the loom, the scarf is 3.75" x 40" with 4" of fringe on either side. If I attempt another warp-faced scarf in order to get that striped look, I'll remember that the warp should be longer than I think, otherwise I'll end up with another short scarf. It's cute, though.

Next project: anything but a scarf!

What's coming in the mail??? A very early Christmas present… for me!

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