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My niece is quite an accomplished crafter, and she asked to weave a pink scarf the next time she visited. I bought some extremely pink acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby. For the warp we used the solid color (Boo Pink), and we doubled the weft with a spotted pink (Pinkalicious). She was able to hemstitch and weave about a foot of the scarf before leaving. I finished up the weaving and realized how slippery the yarn was. She had to really work for her first woven scarf! She did a fantastic job with a thin and difficult yarn, and I think the scarf looks great.

It may be difficult to part with this scarf and mail it to her. Maybe there's enough pink yarn left to make one for myself??

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  1. Hi! I had to send you a note about your wonderful Youtube video of weaving on a Wonder Weave Loom. I have one, too, that I picked up at a second hand store, and that I use for weaving threads so short not even the birds can use them for nests. I’m so glad I followed along to your blog, it is terrific. Thanks, again.

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