Color Patterns: Four by Four Scarf, Houndstooth

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She's helping! I love it when my cats decide to check out my weaving progress. 

I spent some time weaving color patterns, no pickup sticks are needed. The first attempt was made using Frog Tree Meriboo, and I warped four ends next to four ends of different colors. The weft was done the same way: four picks of purple, four picks of blue. The edges look scalloped because I started the colors on opposite sides. I actually like the look. This scarf, using just 200 yards of yarn, is very petite, coming in at 5" x 48" with about 4" of fringes on each side.

The next attempt is still being finished. It's a houndstooth pattern, created by warping 2 ends by 2 ends of contrasting colors. Again, the weft mirrors the warp pattern. And once again, I began the colors on opposite sides to get the scalloped look. This is an old acrylic yarn that I'd rather not use for anything, but I wanted to try to make a cover for my piano keyboard, and if it doesn't work out, I won't mind at all. (Maybe it will be a kitty blanket!)

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