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I used some cotton (white and light blue) along with some black and gray embroidery thread and made this odd curtain, window hanging, wall hanging… I don't know what to call it. It was meant to fit a window inside a door, but I think I'll just keep it at home instead. In The Weaver's Idea Book, Jane Patrick gives instructions on how to make a spaced warp and weft scarf, but if you study the pictures, she also has this white, gauzy looking curtain. I gave it a try. Do I like it? The verdict is still out.

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  1. I have decided to give up my two floor looms, as dressing them has become awkward for me. But I have no intention of stopping weaving! I am trying to decide on a rigid heddle loom, so went trawling to see what experiences other folks have had with the various looms. I know I want to be able to have two heddles, and enough weaving width to make something other than scarves. I have been leaning toward an Emilia, despite its price. Your blog has me entranced. I am scrolling back in time, and enjoying your experiments. Now this lovely mesh curtain. I love it! And I think I am sold on the Emilia. Will be setting aside funds for it. Right now, I need a set of extra fine mini-combs, as I have three Icelandic and two Shetland fleeces I want to separate out to spin the tog and thel separately. One of the Icelandics in particular has lovely downy thel that spins into a soft worsted lace-weight. I’ll crochet a cap and weave a scarf or shawl. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I haven’t been doing much weaving, but I hope to get back into it. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to warp a rigid heddle loom. Use Ravelry for a wealth of information on the rigid heddle forum–also the Glimakra forum. Good luck!

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