An Awkward Scarf, or Why I Should Never Use This Yarn Again

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In my defense, it was extremely early in the morning when I decided to use up some of the four skeins of Lion Brand Homespun I had purchased a long time ago, probably thinking I'd knit an afghan or shawl. But have you ever used this stuff? It's not easy to knit at all. So, I wondered how it would look as a woven scarf. I warped my loom (again, very early in the morning), extending the warp. I can get exactly 87" of a warp from the back beam of my loom to the far wall, so I extended the warp to the end of my bookshelf, adding an additional 30". That's one smart thing I did. The other was I only warped every other slot/hole to change my 10 dent heddle into a 5 dent heddle. Yes, part of my brain was awake and thinking.

But after weaving a dozen rows, I was terribly unhappy with my scarf. It looks like a muppet, but in a bad way, because most muppets are cute, and this isn't cute. So, I spent at least an hour experimenting with different ways to add in some really pretty homespun (in this case, it's actually homespun) of a plum color with a touch of sparkle. I tried using pick-up sticks, which didn't work well with the spacing of the warp (too wide), and I tried Danish Medallions. I actually think these are pretty, but my silly wide warping is messing up the edges. 

I think I'll let it sit for awhile and come back to it. One idea is to just add in a single strand of the plum color for every three or four of the LB Homespun. My weaving motto: if you don't screw up, you're extremely boring.

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