Tangerine Scarf

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  • image from www.flickr.com
  • image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com

 You know, I must have my old orange Vox blog on my brain, because this scarf reminds me of it. I used Cascade Pima 100% cotton for the warp, warping 8" wide and 88" long. I used the 10 dent heddle on my Glimakra Emila, which as of right now is the only size heddle I own. The cotton is smooth and a little shiny. The warp is a bright, orange mohair. Orange! It's stranded, which means there's one fine strand of mohair right alongside another strand of merino. Out of the 220 yards of the warp, I used practically the entire skein. The weft, though, left me with about 100 yards, so there's enough for another project if I ever foresee needing another bright orange mohair woven item. I started this last week and took it off the loom this morning, with just a handful of hours of weaving. Now, I need to wash and finish off the fringes.

It's time to think about pumpkins and nice orange leaves. What better way to welcome fall than with a very bright orange scarf?

Coming soon: the sad story of a broken Weave-It 4" loom.

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