Experimenting with rags

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  • image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com

 I just warped my loom with about 90″ of sport-weight Sinfonia mercerized cotton, and wanting to try something different, I did every other slot to stagger the warping threads. I “think” this makes the heddle closer to a 5 dent (it’s a 10 dent heddle). Because I didn’t do an even stagger, however, I’m getting a pattern, but I like it. I think I kept weaving too long with my scrap yarn. Still learning…


I wanted to try using some rags, so I found this pretty material in my closet, about a square yard, and I cut it into 1″ strips. I’m also weaving a row or two of the cotton thread just for variety. I think it’ll make a small mat of some kind, but it’s not very sturdy. To really use rags on a rigid heddle loom, I’ve read you need to pack the rags with a fork instead of relying upon the heddle. We’ll see how it goes. If I like how this looks, I may end up tearing up some more rags, warping the entire loom, and making a bathmat. 
What I’m not certain of is what I’ll keep weaving on this. I assume this mat will bea about 8″ or so… that leaves me with a really long, narrow, staggered warp. Ummmm…. funny looking scarf, maybe?


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