Glimakra Emilia Rigid Heddle Loom


I'm watching the tracking on my new loom as it makes its way across the country: an 18" Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle. Whew! A lot of thought goes into selecting a loom, even a small one, so I'll spare the details other than saying the sturdiness and metal ratchets were appealing, along with the fact that it can fold.

It's nearly here!

2 Replies to “Glimakra Emilia Rigid Heddle Loom”

  1. I too am putting a lot of thought into a RH. I am leaning towards Emilia. How are you liking yours? Any regrets?

  2. It’s my favorite loom! However, I must admit that I’ve only tried one other rigid heddle loom, and so I’m a little biased. 😉 On the minus side, the Emilia is more expensive than many RH looms. It also has a slant that I like, but I’ve heard may struggle with. Also, the 19″ width keeps your towels and wraps narrow. On the plus side, it will last me forever, the tension is wonderful, I love the metal pawls and racthets, and it’s versatile. If you’re on Ravelry, you may want to keep your eyes open for a used one. Good luck!

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