Merry Christmas!

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The big snowstorm turned into freezing rain, then slush, and now plain o'l rain. It's a slushy Christmas, but it's Christmas nonetheless. The weather kept us indoors, and I finally had time to play with my new 8 dent rigid heddle, my new shuttle, and my backstrap loom.

I don't keep a lot of yarn on hand. I tend to buy it only with a project in mind. I don't have a complete skein of anything (except some old Red Heart and Homespun), so I scrounged some Sugar and Cream cotton and warped the loom. I had just enough for about 30". It was fun and a little frustrating, too. Then, I found some slubby cotton I had tucked into a basket, and used that light green for the weft.

I have trouble with pulling the weft too tight, but other than the occassional bumpy edge, I'm very pleased with this little mat, just right for the snow globe. Using the rigid heddle is great fun, and I'm getting closer toward a balanced weave. Next, I would like to do a longer project with the 10 dent heddle, so when the stores open back up, I'll probably be there scouting out some sport or worsted weight yarn for a scarf.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Very nice, Kim! Looks like you are having as much fun with the rigid heddle as I am. I hope you will be showing this off at Weavolution too đŸ™‚ on the balanced weaves thread.

    Merry Christmas.

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