Weave-it Squares

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I bought this hand-dyed wool blend this weekend, and at first I wasn't certain I was wise to spend that $25. (Yes, $25!). The colors, although lovely, seemed to cry out "baby blanket." However, now that I see it on the Weave-it, I sorta like it. It could even turn it into something other than a baby blanket, especially since I don't know anyone with a baby, and I don't have a long enough attention span to make a blanket. The nice thing about Weave-it squares is that you can keep on weaving them and then decide what you're going to make after you have a nice pile.

These are my first two squares made with my pre-patented Weave-it with the goofy numbering. After I read Jana's instructions, I was able to correctly wind the yarn and weave the 4th row. Thanks, Jana!

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