Santa visited a little early this year…

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…and look what he left for me!

It's a two foot triangle loom from Hideaway Homestead. A few weeks back, I knew I'd end up with a triangle loom, but just like I always do, I decided to try to make one myself, even after the mess I made trying to create a 4" square loom. This time, though, I decided I'd try it with cardboard. It doesn't cost a thing, and believe it or not, talented people can actually make looms out of cardboard and then create lovely shawls with them.

I'm a not one of those talented people. My loom looked okay, but I didn't have any pins so I decided to cut notches on the top, or the hypotenouse. Believe it or not, this worked, but it made the weaving so slow that after a few hours, I gave up, and followed the sage advice my dear husband had given me after he stopped laughing when I showed him my failed 4" square loom… "Leave it to the professionals."

So, I emailed Hideaway Homestead, an off-the-grid loom maker from Arizona, on Friday evening, ordering their 24" loom from Etsy. And guess what? I was opening the box on Tuesday morning! Hooray!

My loom is lovely. The pins are straight and the oak is smooth. The two foot size is just large enough to weave a triangle in about 30 minutes, plus you don't need an easel. And, just like the 4" Hazel Rose Multiloom, I find I can do one short project and then turn around and begin another right after. There's no setting-aside-to-finish-later-which-turns-into-a-year-later syndrome, if you follow me.

Last night, I finished two test triangles, one in an older Yarn Bee blue I had lying around, the other in Lion Brand Homespun. If these had fringes, they'd make cute shawls for dolls.

Because the loom was so economically priced, I was also able to saunter into my favorite yarn store and purchased $20 of stunning yarn, Berroco Peruvia Colors in Herb Garden. My plan is to weave about nine tris and stitch them together for a shawl. I'll then felt it a little, but I'm going to do a test one first to see how much it'll felt.

Merry Christmas!

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