Hazel Rose 4″ Multi-Loom

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After a disastrous attempt at making a 4″ loom on my own using a tiny picture frame and a whole lot of glue and nails (maybe, just maybe, I’ll post a photo of someday if I’m brave enough), I decided to leave the construction to the pros and I purchased a Hazel Rose Multi-Loom. I bought the 4″ size so I could follow Weave-it patterns. An added bonus is that you are able to use three different weaving styles to create your square.

I wanted to get an original Weave-it, but found that everyone else seems to want them, too. When one pops up on ebay, it’s certain to sell for a decent sum so after watching a few sales, I set aside that idea. I don’t like bidding. I’d rather purchase something outright, even if it’s a few dollars more.

The truth is, I already have a 4″ loom–the Wonder Weave! I love using my vintage Wonder Weave. I can make a square in 15 minutes, but it’s an old loom, and 40+ year old plastic makes little creaky noises that make me nervous. One “snap” and it’s all over for the Wonder Weave. This led me to purchasing the Hazel Rose loom. They come in all shapes and sizes, BTW, and they’re quick to deliver! My order was placed on a Sunday, and I picked up my loom in the mail just seven days later.

So far, I’ve only woven four squares on my Hazel Rose loom, two the “normal” way where you wrap three sides and weave the fourth, like the Weave-it, and two using the diagonal continuous weave method. I like both ways because they give two distinct looks. This picture is of me weaving my first diagonal square, using sock yarn so I can follow what’s happening.

Future project ideas with 4″ squares: yarn bag, stuffed animals, scarf…

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