Olive, Loofah’s little sister


I knitted this doll using the same pattern as Loofah, only on the large end (8 peg) spool Knifty Knitter instead of the flower loom. She’s very tiny, about 4″. I think if I were going to make these dolls to give away, I’d have to find a way to keep the stuffing in place. As it is, you can tell the gaps between each row are so large you can see the polyfill. One idea I had is to use a child’s sock as a way to stuff the doll. I can also use a tighter stitch like I do for the head.

One more problem I’m having is with the hair. Right now, it looks okay, but it’s not durable and wouldn’t stand up to much playing. I separated strands of Lion Wool Ease but as they come apart, it’s easy to tear off sections. I need to research a way to make decent hair.
When we were visiting family over Thanksgiving, I knitted this ball with the flower loom. My plan was to make three of them, print out a “How to Juggle” tutorial, and give them as a gift. However, the little dog of the household got one look at this ball and decided it was hers. How could I refuse that face??

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  1. I love your little doll! I make stuffed “animals” on the knifty knitter – i recently made a turtle, and I am currently working on an elephant. Both are my own “patterns” – I kind-of make them up as I go along! 🙂 But one thing I do is use either nylons or knee-highs (depending on the size) to put the stuffing in – its pretty easy to stuff, keeps the stuffing from popping out thru the stitches, and is pretty easy to slide the knitting on, because it is a little slippery. Hope this helps!

    I love your blog! Keep it coming! 🙂

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