Dishcloth (knitted with needles) finished!


It’s a little bit crooked! And the edge that I ended on looks square instead of rounded. Oh well, here it is in all its glory: my very first knitted-with-needles FO. I enjoyed it, even with all my mistakes. The funny thing is that I see this particular dishcloth pattern everywhere now that I made one. I saw two for sale yesterday, and we even have one in our own house, something that was left behind from the previous owners.

What should I make next on the needles? I’ve always wanted to make a calorimetry and also a Kitty Pi but both of those take some expertise. We’ll see. Maybe another dishcloth!

2 Replies to “Dishcloth (knitted with needles) finished!”

  1. Congrats! It looks great. It’s always hard to get the bound-off edge to look the same as the cast-on edge.

    I just ordered some yarn to make Calorimetry, so I was looking at the pattern. You could definitely do it! You do not even have to increase or decrease, like you did with your dishcloth.

  2. Thanks again, mrstoller! I think I may have figured out how to do a calormetry on the smallest KK loom. I’m going to give it a try and report back, but I’ll still want to try to knit one on needles, too.

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