Shawl Woes

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I’ve been making this pretty little shawl from Rostitchery’s blog:

However, I’ve encountered a problem. The first edge of the “V” has a loopy edge, made by how I interpreted her directions to skip one peg, knit the last peg, and then do a full row back. I have a funny feeling I shouldn’t have done it quite that way; however, I’m stuck with it. It looks nice.

But now I’m starting back up the opposite side of the “V” and I’m decreasing a peg each time. Instead of that nice loose edge, I have a normal edge. Hmmmm… I’m trying to figure out how to add an extra loop on this side of the shawl.

I’ve been using some of my stash of $1 Moda Dea Cache (Twinkle). I think I’ll end up using approximately 125 yards, or 2.5 skeins. Photos to come.

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