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It just figures I’d go and be typical… when it’s cold, I knit. When it’s warm, I don’t. Since we’re creeping–no, make that speeding–toward the middle of August, I guess I can admit it! I’m a fair weather non-knitter.

Non-knitting isn’t all bad. I have plenty of time to think about knitting, imagine all the wonders I’ll create, and yet I don’t  have the hassle of making mistakes, frogging, and just plain giving up. Of course, I also don’t have the joy in finishing a project and all that goes along with it like the excitement of starting, the tiredness of staying up for just one more row…

In short, I haven’t given up on knitting but I have decided that a pile of wool in my lap on a ninety degree day is less than appealing. Yes, I considered using cotton, but still, it just hasn’t fit into my summer.

So, now that summer’s on the wane, although I suspect we have plenty of 90 degree days left, I’m just getting that inkling of interest in starting up a project. Some of my basic ones I may have mentioned before. They’re practical: I want to have a “knitting closet” to keep all my bits and bobbles organized, along with my stash (which is still small–I’ve resisted the urge to even look at yarn until I’m making an actual project); I also need my little knitting corner set up, and it’s almost there.

Finally, I’d like to unearth my digital camera so I can keep adding pics to this blog. Sometime during our move it went missing and we’ve yet to find it.

I’m not wanting to wish the summer away, but I am looking forward to cooler weather. Happy knitting!

BTW, if anyone has tips on making a calorimetry with a Knifty Knitter, please send me ideas!

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  1. ooooh I have an idea. it is quite simple actually.. I think you can basically follow the pattern..but.. hmm the brain is working!!!! ahhh!!! Not good.. I need to be thinking about other things!!!

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