What better way to spend a snowy weekend than knitting a couple of cute bunnies? We may have had 20″ of snow this weekend, but these little, cute, pink, fluffy bunnies didn’t seem to care. I used the blue loom and the free pattern (PDF) from the Loom Knitting store. These bunnies knit up in about an hour. You start by knitting a flat panel using 15 pegs. Then, you knit two ears, a tail, and you sew it and stuff it.
For my first bunny I used two strands of Bernat Softee Chunky. When I started the ears, I accidently read the pattern wrong and knitted at least two rows too many, but it looks sort of cute that way, more like Amigurumi than a bunny. For this bunny, I kept the “knit” side facing out.
I then did another one using two strands of Moda Dea Dream (Color: Blush). It’s very soft and fluffy. I probably should have used three strands because they were so skinny… Next time, maybe. This one I followed the ear pattern more closely and they turned out pretty cute. This bunny has the “purl” side facing out.
These bunnies are very small–no more than six or seven inches long. I’d like to knit a bigger bunny, maybe using the blue loom but instead of just 15 pegs, I’d use all 24 pegs. I’m guessing I’d have to knit at least 40 rows. If it keeps snowing, maybe I’ll do just that!

P.S. Hey, all you Vox-ers. Did you know you can now customize your banner? B designed this new one of my yarn lovin’ cat!

5 Replies to “Bunnies!”

  1. First, I want to say that I love your new banner.  Such a sweet little face.

    I also like the bunnies.  I have that pattern but haven’t tried it.  Yours actually look better than the one in the pattern photo, imo.  The Dream bunny looks so soft and fluffy.

    We haven’t had snow in a couple of weeks and it’s all melted.  Where are you?

  2. Saaski–We’re in the midwest and it’s still snowing! Thanks for the nice comments about my cat and the bunnies. One little problem I had with the bunnies was that when I stitched/stuffed the head, the stitches pulled apart so far I could clearly see the stuffing inside. To fix it, I threaded a tapestry needle with some yarn and wove in and out of the stitches to fill in the empty spaces.

  3. I want to design my banner too.  I have a little frog, but I wanted to make it bigger like you have your kitten.  Any suggestions?


  4. Hi Brendalee–We started with a fairly big picture. If you’re picture is too small, it’ll look blurry when you blow it up. Hope this helps!

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