I’ve always wanted to try to knit mittens, so I bought yet another skein of Lion’s Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and gave it a shot. I tried this pattern which uses the blue loom and knits the mitten in one piece, thumb included. The only sewing is the top and the sides of the thumb. I chose the flat stitch so the mitten wouldn’t be loose, and I think they ended up okay. Not great, because I changed the top of the mitten. The pattern called for a gathered top, like a hat, but I decided to do decreases and stitch the top like a flat panel.

Did it work? Yes and no. For one thing, using the flat stitch made me have to guess the number of rows–I needed more than the pattern called for because the flat stitch is so tight. Also, I have a lot to learn about decreasing because the mittens look a little off on the top, plus my stitching is bumpy. They work, though, and I was able to toss snowballs for my dog to chase while my hands stayed warm. These would be even better if I could line them with flannel, but until then, they’re just fine.

My other cat, the one who doesn’t bother me when I knit unlike this one, just had to take a look. I think she was impressed. I can always tell when she likes something because she lies down on it, and that’s just what she did.


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  1. [das ist gut]

    Very nice!  I have some mitten patterns but I never wear mittens so I haven’t tried making any.  Those look thick and warm.

    I’ve never seen that particular blog before. Thanks for the link.  I’m building quite a collection of looming sites. 

  2. this sounds like a easy project. i want to try the flat stitch but pretty small hands considering the sizes of the mitten you have made.. could you help me adjust to my size…

  3. [this is good] I was googling Knifty Knitter patterns, and found this a few weeks ago. I love these, I’ve made three pairs already and I’m giving them as presents.

    I only had medium gauge yarn on hand, so I experimented, and chain stitched the yarn and then knit the mittens. It took a long time with all that chaining (but, hey, I would have been riding the bus and listening to music, anyway), but they look really warm, and it’s nice being able to gift someone with a scarf, hat, mitten combo.

  4. That’s great, Eva! I’m working on a new pair, trying hard to perfect the in-the-round, blue loom mitten. I’m using two strands of Paton 100% merino wool with the flat stitch for the entire thing. It’s becoming a very snug mitten, perfect for medium-sized hands. I’ll post the details soon.

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