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  1. [this is good]

    Whoa! $1.00 per skein for Moda Dea? It would be a crime not to buy it!

    I love the purse.  Did you make up the pattern yourself?  I like the yarn combo.  I thought it was one verigated yarn and was going to ask what brand and color it was.

    That hat pattern is great.  I’ve got to try that. It looks like it would be complicated but it sounds easy.

  2. I could have left with 100 skeins that day, so I’m pleased I was so restrained. For the purse, I started with the Tropical Bag in the Provo Craft KK patterns, but then added a third strand of yarn, the flat bottom, and the draw-string top. The hat isn’t difficult, really. You should give it a try. If you want more specific instructions, just let me know and I’ll try to write up a pattern. (That’d be another first!)

  3. [this is good]

    So,you posted this a long time ago…

    But I love the hat pattern. I am a fairly new knitter, and I am wondering how you keep up with the K3, P2 when you are knitting this pattern. Do you count it out the whole time? I tried it out, but I think I am getting confused and doing the wrong one. Is there an easier way to keep up with where you are in the process?

  4. Try using those little round, plastic stitch markers on your pegs. You can buy them at yarn stores. I mark the purl pegs with them and leave the knit pegs blank. If I don’t mark the pegs, I always make mistakes.

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