Knitting with Pets


Do you have one of these? A yarn kitty? Sometimes, he’s a good cat and he just wants to look at the yarn. He watches it with an innocent expression, and he’s content to sit on my lap and purr while I knit. His eyes never leave the yarn, but he resists attacking.

But other times… Other times, he’s a yarn killer.

He can snag my projects, attack them, and even try to pick them up and carry them away. And when I get mad and untangle the mess from his claws, he gives me this look. So innocent as though he’s asking, Why is this human angry with me? Aren’t I a cat? And aren’t cats supposed attack yarn? I’m just doing my job after all.
Even of more danger than a yarn cat is the yarn dog. She’s quiet and sweet most of the time, but suddenly, all 65 pounds is pawing at you, demanding attention. One swipe of a giant paw is enough to fling both my loom and yarn across the room, but she’s so sweet and cute, and most of the time, she just gives me a look like this.

What yarn pets do you have? How do you keep them out of your yarn?

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  1. [this is good]

    They are so precious.  I love all white cats.  And your dog looks like she’s just just swallowed Little Blue Riding Hood.

    My cats are usually good about the yarn.  They are interested if it flips over onto them or if they are in between my project and the ball of yarn – as I pull out more yarn, the strand moves in front of them and they have to catch it.  One of my cats is an avid lapsitter and I do sometimes have to put aside my loom and make a fuss over her.  She doesn’t like to share my lap.  Usually, I can’t get them interested in the yarn if I try.  I’ve made scrap yarn into toy balls and they are just so unimpressed.

    My sister has a Golden Retriever who loves me.  When I am knitting at her house, the biggest danger is from his wagging tail.  I just have to make sure nothing is in the line of fire of that tail.

    Many years ago, I had a Siamese who had surgery to remove yarn from his digestive system.  With my current cats, I have no fear of them eating the yarn while I am away, but I cover it up anyway just in case.

  2. [this is good]

    I love your cat How adorable!! Your dog is cute too don’t get me wrong but i am totally a cat lover. I have 2 tabby cats and they are both pretty timid and cautious when it comes to any of my stuff but when they are laying on me and i am pulling yarn as i need more i can expect some grabbing and biting but if that happens i just give them a piece of scrap yarn and that will usually keeps them pretty content and away from my project but they arent as interested as i worried they would be when i started knitting. But thats a good thing.  My girl kitty also likes to lay on my ball of yarn so i can’t get anymore-Hmmm Am i paying to much attention to my knitting and not giving her enough 🙂

  3. Awww, how cute. I wish we had space for pets but we’re ina teeny tiny studio flat at the moment.

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  4. So cute!  We have two cats, but neither of them seems particularly interested in my yarn unless the working strand is right in front of them.  Then they sort of bat at it, sometimes pounce, but otherwise they pretty much ignore it.  Which is good since I’m not so great at packing my projects away where they won’t get destroyed should the kitties be interested in such things.  But I do have a new Yarn Monster — my son!  Now that he’s more mobile he’ll get into any yarn and projects I’ve left within his reach.  I really do have to get better about putting things away!

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