Completed: Second Watercolor Journal

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My watercolor journal choice for practicing, not taking outdoors, is a Strathmore 9″x12″, 140 lb. pad. It’s spiral bound and fits nicely into my rugged clipboard case. I’ve just finished my second one, and that means I’ve filled 24 pages.

Here are the final practice pieces of journal two, both tutorials from Patrick Ley-Greaves. The first one has a nice perspective of looking down into a little valley and across the ocean. The second one was going pretty smoothly until I decided to add in the figures. The paper is buckled, which may be hard to see, and the poor people look a little bit like zombies. If I flatten out the paper, they are more like people. If I cared about flattening out watercolor paper, I discovered a great method that works well. However, with these practice pieces, I’ll leave them as is.

And I spent some time painting this, trying to create a moody sky. The rocks in the foreground were scraped in using the edge of a plastic card.

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