Catching Up: 9″x12″ WC Journal

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I have a dream of painting pictures with horses in pretty much every one of them, so I do a little praticing now and then. Maybe I’ll get there someday, but first I need to gain confidence drawing them. These head sketches are from my favorite children’s illustrator Sam Savitt. His book is Draw Horses with Sam Savitt. It’s awesome. I added some dull colors here and there as an afterthought when I realized I had used up an entire page of watercolor paper with pencil sketches.

I’m still getting used to my Daniel Smith watercolors. They’re so vibrant, and I only have the six colors, so I’m practicing using the pigments straight…

…and with mixing. These stormy sketches are from Bob Davies’ tutorials. I gained some confidence mixing gray and burnt umber, plus the skies are really fun, super moody, which is what I’m fancying at the moment.

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