My Dewberry Ridge Modular Triloom



Better pictures to follow, I promise. (What can I say that? My little iPod, with the blurry camera, is being upgraded, and the new camera is the same as the iPad, which means I can stop apologizing for my blurry, dark, and pretty much terrible pictures. Yes, I have a regular camera… but the iPod is so darn convenient.)

So, I came home yesterday to find my beautiful new Dewberry Ridge modular triloom on my doorstep. When I opened the box, I was pleased to see how secure everything had been sealed up. The wood is just lovely, and the whole loom is sturdy and something I’ll use forever. Gary McFarland, the loom maker, had also included some basic weaving instructions and a guide to assemble the different loom sizes. The pieces attach together with a bolt with a tiny gear on the top. You set the bolt into a notch and it pulls together two pieces, and then you use a hex wrench to tighten them together. Clever!



My husband dared me to have the loom unwarpped and assembled in 15 minutes (he set a timer), and I didn’t even have to rush. I not only had all the individual pieces lined up on the table and  the loom assembled into the smallest size (3′), but I also pulled out my easel, set it up, and had the loom ready for weaving with a few minutes to spare.

But I couldn’t leave it at 3′ knowing I had all those extra feet available, so I surveyed my yarn stash, checked a yardage chart for how much yarn I’d need for different sizes, and changed the loom to the 5′ size. I chose some really beautiful homespun wool I found at a thrift store–1,500 yards worth! I also chose to weave a continuous bias pattern. I’m planning on felting the tri when I’m done with it… I am still undecided what it should be, but I’m leaning toward a little shawl with some buttons on the front.

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