Martha Stewart Knitting and Weaving Loom

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Martha Stewart Loom

I bought a Martha Stewart Knitting and Weaving Loom, mainly because I wanted the flexibility to make different sizes. Plus, I liked that the smaller pegs created a small gauge loom with the pegs measuring 3/8″ apart. So far, I’ve used it in three ways: the big square (13″?) to weave some “Weave-It” style potholders out of super bulky yarn; the small square (7″) to weave a continuous weave potholder; and a circle, to begin knitting a garter stitch washcloth… dishcloth. We’ll see how it goes.

Although it’s nice that it breaks into pieces, which is always a plus, the negative is that the pegs are removable, and they do pop out. I tried very hard to keep them secure, but the blue (smallest) pegs were very irritating with purling a stitch, which puts some tension on the peg as you lift the loop off.

I imagine using this when I’d like the smaller gauge or playing around with the squares. If I had to do a larger project, I think I’d try the slightly larger pegs first to see if that would help.

Martha Stewart Loom

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