Wash Cloth


I’m pleased that the 12″ U Weave square loom creates a super nice sized, rustic washcloth that’s about 11″ off the loom. Here’s one I wove with a slubby organic cotton. Paired with some soap, this would make a nice gift.




3 Replies to “Wash Cloth”

  1. Hi!
    Sorry, my is very bad…
    Can you say me, what is the Name of this loom and where i can buy it? I´ve seen so one some times, but it´s not easy to get in Germany.
    Thanks you very much!

    1. I don’t believe I would recommend this loom for you to purchase. It broke in two places within a few months of my buying it. So, you’d be better off finding someone to make you one in Germany. Good luck!

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