Mini Tapestry Samplers

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Some experiments work out, and I post them here. Others are pretty cringeworthy, and photos are never shared. Here’s a case where I could have skipped this post, but something is telling me to share. Why? I’m suddenly crazy about tapestry weaving, and even my amateur attempts make me happy.

I checked out Nancy Harvey’s book, Patterns for Tapestry Weaving and wove both samplers. The first was done using the ever-awesome Lightning Weaver. It’s small but mighty.

The second was on the Authentic Knitting Board plus extenders. Best left for projects without curves, so I’ve learned.

Anyway, I spent the weekend weaving two samplers that technically should have been double or triple the size. My neck hurts from hunching over, and I didn’t get enough fresh air or sleep. Great fun, I say!



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