Homemade Raddle

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Have you ever ventured into the garage to search for a piece of scrap lumber, found one, marked it up, pounded about a couple dozen nails into it, trimed off the edge with a saw, only to hear your husband say, "That was the board I was saving. It was a very expensive piece of wood." Ooops.

Oh well. I really like this homemade raddle I made in about five minutes. Yes, the nails are a bit sideways, but this very expensive piece of hardwood was just what I wanted, and I can't imagine it cost more than $49, which is what the raddle kit runs nowadays. I've promised to buy another oak board for my husband, who wasn't really all that troubled, and so it works out fine.

This warp, Noro sock yarn (Taiyo), will be tricky. It's slubby and I've heard it can snap, so I'll be careful. I'm wanting to weave a lightweight scarf using a crochet cotton weft in black and a spot Bronson weave.

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