Harrisville Lap Loom


Here’s yet another second-hand find, a $10 Harrisville Lap Loom, also known as a peg loom or “friendly” loom. It measures 12″x16″. Also in the box were three extra shuttles and a Wonder Wand, a device which allows you to depress every other warp thread to insert a shed stick. That only works, by the way, if you don’t have a lot of draw in. There was a finished project left on the loom, which for some reason made me feel a little sad. All that work!

This loom is probably meant more for kids than adults because it has a 4 epi sett, but I find it very comfortable to weave on. I recently bought a 4-ply Churro wool warp that I’m using for my first project, and because it has a lot of give, it’s making up for the lack of a tensioning device. This loom is big enough that it could prove to be difficult if everything tightens up as you weave.

Harrisville Lap LoomHarrisville Lap LoomFirst Harrisville Project

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  1. Do you still have thiis? If so how much? I want to get one for my adopted granddaughter. I thought it would be something we could do together.
    Please let me know

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