Rambler Rose Scarf

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I have a confession… I'm a a sloppy planner. I do some math to calculate length of warp/number of threads, etc., but then, I kind of guess my way through it. So, I'm a few threads short? No big deal, just modify the pattern and keep going. Too many threads? Tie the excess in a bow and continue on with the project. The warp is too loose on one side? Tuck a pencil under the stands and on you go! 

So, somewhere along the way, I discovered the drafts or patterns for multi-shaft looms are meant to be balanced weave… meaning in a square inch, the number of wefts = the number of warps. But I kind of specialize in sloppiness, and so I go with the flow. Here, I'm using an alpaca/silk warp (doubled because it's super thin) called Alpaca with a Twist Fino! It's really lovely. The weft is a far thicker Cascade called Lana Bambu. The pattern is Ramblier Rose from The Handweaver's Pattern Book. So many things to go wrong here… but so far, I do like it.

image from www.flickr.com

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