Finished: Wedge Weave


Done, except for the fringes. I don’t quite know what I’ll do with them. Off the loom, this measures about 12″ square, but it did get narrower the closer I got to the top. 


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  1. I want to get a rigid heddle loom. Would you recommend the Emilia? Or do you think Ashford is better? Or another brand. I want one between 15 – 19 inches.

    1. I love my Emilia loom, but I haven’t used any other loom of similar size to compare it with. From what I understand, most modern looms are pretty comparable, so your decision needs to come from other aspects: looms that fold or not, have metal or plastic pawls and ratchets, whether or not it has a stand–or if you’d like one. There are a number of looms that fall into the size range you’re thinking of–maybe you should spend some time over at Ravelry in the rigid heddle loom group. They have a ton of threads on this very subject. Good luck!

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