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Antique store find: Handee Revolving Wool Winder

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Now here’s a little item I’m sure will be “handee” someday–a wool winder. It was just $5.50 at a local antique store. I had just admired three or four wooden ones, all very pretty but expensive, rickety, and too big, when I spied this one still in its vintage box. All the pieces are there (it’s metal) and it looks like something I’ll actually be able to use. Plus, the gal on the box is super retro cool, don’t you think?

Here’s what the box says:

Handee Revolving Wool Winder: “From Hank to Ball – In No Time At All”

“The Handee All-Metal Revolving Wool Winder makes it so easy and convenient to wind yarn yourself at any time. Instantly adjustable to take any size hank and any type wool. Rubber cusioned clamp can be fastened to chair or table instantly and does not mar surface.”

A week or so ago, I had read a tutorial on how to wind yarn using a swift and an electric hand mixer. No, I’m not kidding. Visit Fig and Plum’s blog to learn something new.

I have the swift, I have a mixer. Now, all I need is some yarn!

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