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My Glimakra Emilia has arrived

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The FedEx delivery person was kind enough to leave my new loom safe in a plastic bag because it was raining yesterday. I was happy because the loom stayed dry. I was even more happy to realize the loom was already put together. For some reason, I thought I had to assemble it.

The pictures aren't the greatest but they show the box, the loom in the box, the loom outside of the box, and then the fairly awful warping process. (Awful because I chose a linty cotton… I know, I know…) But I did warp about 6' of the cotton and even started to weave a little bit. It took me about 1.5 hours, from opening the box to warping to starting to weave.

I know one thing. I LOVE my new loom. It's sturdy and strong. The metal ratchets and pawls are awesome. There is, however, a little mystery with this loom. I'll share that tomorrow, after I do some detective work.