Sketchbook Tour

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I didn’t set out to use only fountain pens and ink in this sketchbook, but that’s what I ended up doing. The fountain pens were mostly Twsbi Go’s with medium nibs. The ink was primarily the permanent and lightfast de Atramentis Document Ink, but I used some samples of other water soluble inks for fun.

Filling a sketchbook is nothing new, but I approached this with a goal of planning each drawing. It was a rewarding experiment, and I’d gladly do it again.

Good News, Bad News

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Banner and Snip

Bad news first: our boarding stable is closing. We’ve been there for fifteen years. Finding a new place was nerve wracking.

Good news: we found a place. Whew! It’s not as easy to find a boarding stable nowadays as it was way back when. There just aren’t as many operating anymore.

More good news: the new place has lots of critters to paint and draw.

More bad news: we’ll be saying goodbye to Snip, the sweetest kitty, a barn cat in her teens who loves horses and people.

I’ll miss you, Snip.