Finished: Erica Wilson Crewel Embroidery Owl Family

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This is before blocking. Even the small wrinkles evened out afterwards.

It took a month and who knows how many hours, but I finished this 1978 owl family embroidery designed by Erica Wilson. It’s huge, 24”x20”. I persevered with this highly repetitive project, but I doubt it’ll be hung anywhere. It’s cute and quirky, but did I mention it’s huge?

I love crewel embroidery, and I’m going to be brave and start my own design.

All the loops. The babies look more like Guinea pigs at this stage.

A Good Photo Day

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We spent a few hours taking photos today, and I was so pleased with results. It seemed everywhere I turned was another picture-perfect scene.

From a sparrow and swallow, to a gorgeous heron and a beautiful fawn, this was one perfect day for wildlife photography.

Normally, my reference photos aren’t my end result—I take them to use to create a sketch or painting—but after taking 175 photos, I found a few to post.

My camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ80. It’s a point-and-shoot with a 60x zoom.

When I started drawing and painting critters, I decided I wanted to take my own reference photos instead of relying on other photographers.

I love this camera, because I can quickly snap a dozen photos and have multiple angles and poses to work with. It’s easy to use and a smaller-sized camera so I carry it around on weekends.

The fawn was a total surprise. It came out of the woods, waded into the creek, and spent about twenty minutes exploring. What a beauty!