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Curious Squirrel

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This cutie was studying my neighbors when I snapped its picture. I used a second reference photo of a field of weeds for the background.

Golden High Flow Acrylics can be used much like watercolor, so there’s a comfortable familiarity for me. They’re great for glazing. I love the glow that appears when a layer of Nickel Azo Gold is brushed over pretty much any other color. I’m struggling with detail, though. I either overdo it with a bold color or wash everything out with too much white. For this one, I ended up using some colored pencil for the finer lines.

I used a watercolor canvas board for this tiny 5″x7″ painting. Next, I’ll try these acrylics on paper.

Golden High Flow Acrylics

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I tried acrylics for the first time, using a very liquidy type called Golden High Flow. They’re the consistency of ink yet extremely saturated with pigment. They called out to me because of their permanent and lightfast qualities, plus finished artwork doesn’t have to be placed behind glass.

I attempted to paint with them like watercolors, but they were far too vivid. I had trouble keeping paint in my palette and not making a mess, too. So, I bought some empty paint markers, filled them with paint, and used a damp brush for blending. This works best on a gessoed surface or something that doesn’t absorb quickly or you’ll get dark lines from the markers.

I overpainted my test piece. When I look back at it in an earlier stage, I think I like it better, except I’m fond of the little dragonflies I made from stray dots in the finished piece.