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Inktense Wren and Crow

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Inktense takes some getting used to, but I’m becoming more and more fond of it as a pencil and paint medium. The pencils can seem overwhelming when water is added because their color is so intense. The blocks can seem difficult to use because they don’t spread out in water like watercolor and they tend to granulate.

Now that I’m spending more time with them both, however, I’m really pleased with my paintings. I can layer colors over other colors and not end up with mud. I can top off an area with pencil to get thin lines and highlights.

I really love the painterly effect, too, especially with this little wren. I put more effort into the background and branches with that one, too. With the crow, I nearly skipped the background, but I focused on creating an inky black with emerald green, gold, and blue highlights.

More Birds

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I’m on a kick drawing birds with water soluble ink. Reference photos are usually from Paint My Photo.

Along with my trusty Moonman Mini, I used a refillable brush pen, a Kuretake Sumi. The ink is Herbin Poussiere de Lune, such a pretty plum.

I also drew this Common Grackle, and I took more pictures of the process, albeit in poor lighting. The paper is Canson Multimedia, which isn’t bright white, but it’s not even close to cream, which is how it looks below.

Below I tried a ball point pen. I scribbled too much, but it was a fun, quick experiment.

More Pen and Ink Drawings—and Lightfastness

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I’m sad to say I’ve done some research and discovered that fountain pen ink is not very lightfast. This lovely purple will fade to gray unless it’s kept out of the light. Sigh.

But you know what? I don’t think I care. I’m just along for the ride.

I’m hooked on using My Moonman Mini to draw. I start with a pencil sketch. I then add a layer of ink. Once the ink is dry, I erase all the pencil lines and use a water brush over the entire drawing. I let that dry, and then I reinforce the darks and any lines I want to stand out. Sometimes I add in a dreamy background by wetting areas of the surface and adding some scribbles of ink in the water.

Here’s a sweet little Chickadee from a Paint My Photo picture. I used a graphite pencil to quickly sketch this.

Here’s the next step–the basic lines are inked in, the graphite erased, and I’ve started with a water brush.

And here’s the final sketch.

I’ll keep most of these in my sketchbook, but I may investigate using a UV spray to see if it helps with fading. I’m also curious about leaving one out, knowing it will fade to a soft gray, and maybe being okay with that.