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More Birds

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I’m continuing my endeavor of sketching all 47 birds in the book Identify and Draw North American Birds. I’m swapping between Caran D’ache Luminance and Derwent Drawing Pencils. The Derwent pencils don’t have many bright colors, but the birds often call for vivid reds, blues, and greens, so I often reach for the luminous Luminance.

Honestly, I’m not spending much time with these birds. Each one is about a thirty-minute sketch. I’m finding that the paper isn’t allowing for very many layers, maybe three, so I tend to call it quits without adding in that final layer of detail.

My goals are more about basic shape, proportion, and color. That and drawing 47.

Eight down, 39 to go.

Drawing Birds

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I picked up a copy of the book Identify and Draw North American Birds and spent a few hours doing just that. The book is awesome as it gives a photo, facts, and a sketching progression in colored pencil. However, if you’re not comfortable with sketching birds, you may want to trace the bird first. The emphasis is on using colored pencils and not on bird anatomy and drawing.

But for me, this is perfect. There are 47 birds total, and I happen to have a new sketching journal, the ForestChoice John Muir Observer Journal, and I’m dedicating it to bird sketches.

Four down, 43 to go.

Inktense Sparrows

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This one started as a winter scene but I honestly got confused with adding snow, so I swapped back to warm weather. I used two reference photos from Paint My Photo, and the branches and leaves were from observing the crab apple in our yard–with plenty of artistic license.

I used a piece of Strathmore 500 Illustration Board for this, and I absolutely loved it. It’s sturdy, takes water, and has a very minimal texture. Expensive? Yes, but it’s perfect for this medium.

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