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Finished: T-Shirt Bath Mat

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I'll definitely weave another one of these, but next time I'll use the 24" wide Erica loom instead of the 19" Glimakra Emilia. It "shrunk" off the loom to about 15" wide, and I haven't even washed it yet. This is so cushy and soft, though, that it'll still be used as a bath mat, only we may need to stand sideways on it!


image from www.flickr.com

A Clever Loom

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I spotted this video while looking at Saori weaving videos earlier. It's an infomercial for a rigid heddle-type of loom made by the Clover (Hana-Ami) Company from Japan. I've seen similar rigid heddle looms where the heddle rotates or rocks and looks like a block of wood. What strikes me the most is the efficiency in warping. The loom has a built-in warping board that keeps the warp in place and under tension. It's simply rolled onto the warp bar after the ends are snipped. I wonder if this type of thing could be adapted to other rigid heddle looms. The board/pegs would need to fit in the frame of the loom and also have enough pegs for a decent length of warp. It makes me think!