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Triloom Blanket: An Experiment

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I've been working on this for a month, and today is an auspicious day. Yes, it's the solstice, but it's also the day I finish my triloom blanket! Here is the second tri on the loom, just after finishing the weaving. I used up most of my 2 ply worsted weight wool from a second hand store. I had woven my first triloom shawl with some of it, and I'll miss it when it's gone.

It doesn't look like much at this point, I admit.

image from www.flickr.com

Two 7' triangles, crocheted rather heavily together. It measures about 57" on each end. There are gaps, areas woven too tightly, untrimmed yarn, etc. What I'm hoping for is the miracle of a washing machine fulling, where everything fills in, pulls together, and looks right. It would be the solstice miracle!

This is my favorite day of the year, and today is a beautiful day: clear and bright and sunny and cold. Our "blizzard" only dropped about 5" of snow, but I was home yesterday because work was closed, and it gave me just enough time to finish the weaving. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Yarn! Shelf!


What came first, the shelf or the yarn? Technically, the shelf. It's an old shelf I bought for a few dollars, and then I set it in the garage to sit for a year. I never seemed to care if it was in my little office or not… but that was before my mom me bought 28 cones of yarn! A jackpot from a weaver's de-stashing sale. Yes, indeed. 28 cones! 

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We're talking a megaload of yarn here. It's mostly vintage, acrylic (Wintuk???) but there are a few spools of wool (Black? Yes! I've always wanted black wool but never buy it for some reason.) Some of the cones are marked for machine knitting and appear to be about worsted weight, but the others are very thin for weaving. I love one of the white cones. It's an acrylic mohair substitute. It almost sparkles.

So, I have between 3,000-5,000 yards per cone–many are even more–and when you multiply that by 28 you get somewhere around the total of one hundred billion yards. Suddenly, my little workspace needs a shelf. And, as it turns out, another wall.

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What you can't see is my closet, which holds the remaining cones. I was able to shove them in there, somehow. So, the question is, what will I make with this? With one hundred billion yards of yarn, I estimate I will be able to weave approximately five hundred scarfs and 2,000 blankets, more or less.

I gained a wall because we decided to move my piano out into the living room. Now, I can keep my triloom closer to the wall. I'm working on a 7' size shawl right now, and I'll take all the space I can get. The yarn is Manos Maxima, which is blending into a stronger gray than on the skein, which had more lavendar and purple. I still like it so I'll keep going with it.

image from www.flickr.com