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Watercolor 7, Sketchbook Pages 1-2

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Here’s a quick watercolor, another exercise from Zoltan Szabo:

It doesn’t take long to have a stack of watercolor sketches with nowhere to store them, and so I bought a pad of paper (9″x12″) that I started using as a journal of sorts to keep everything more organized. Here’s page one:

And page two. I love the Bob Ross painting called Blue Winter. I had attempted a digital version, and now here’s a try with watercolor. Maybe someday I’ll try oils:

Watercolors, 4-6

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More attempts at using watercolor. I’m using an inexpensive Prang oval set on either 90 lb. or 140 lb. cold press paper. With the last few, I’ve starting using Winsor and Newton Cotman (student) paint in tubes. The color is smoother and the dark browns and blues are deeper:

My favorite so far. This is one of the exercises from Zoltan Szabo’s Landscape Painting in Watercolor.

Another exercise from Zoltan Szabo’s Landscape Painting in Watercolor. When it dried, the sky was far too light for the dark island, and so I splashed black on it, giving it a strange look.

This is from one of Grant Fuller’s amazing demos on Youtube. My paper was very small and so I opted to skip the house and trees. At the last minute I added a boat:

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