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Cyprus Band Design

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Sample Band Plus Second Attempt

On the left is the sample I completed. After all that complaining, I realized it looks better off the loom than I thought it would, and I’m pleased with it, wavy selvedges and all. I’ve started a new one, all wool, and it’s also nice but doesn’t have the crispness that the cotton added. I altered the design somewhat so the bottom and top will match a little more. I’m thinking I can do several of these as bookmarks.

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What is this?

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What is this thing? Is it homemade? (Obviously — needs sanding, don’t you think?) What will it be used for? Will it work when it’s used for what it’s supposed to be used for? (I can only hope!) And who drilled those terribly crooked holes? (Ummm… that would be me.)

Tune in later this week for all the details. Wow! The excitement!

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